Sofia Borges is a Los Angeles-based writer, architect, designer, curator, and trend consultant. She is a faculty member at the USC School of Architecture, the director of MADWORKSHOP, a regular contributor to Mark Magazine, and a contributing curator at victionary.  

Sofia spent more than half a decade as the architecture editor at Gestalten and founded the design firms Colorblock and Affect Studio. She is the author and editor of nearly two dozen titles on architecture and design. Her latest books The Tale of Tomorrow, Citix60 LAHide and Seek, Liquid Spaces, The New Nomads,  Rock the ShackOasisThe Chamber of Curiosity, and Building Better are available at a bookstore near you. 

Sofia recently spearheaded the USC School of Architecture's first ever advanced topics design studio on the homeless crisis in Los Angeles. The culminating project, Homes for Hope, won the Fast Company 2017 World Changing Ideas Award.


Photo credit: Tommi Cahill